ZZC builds technologies that help people connect, expand their horizons and grow their businesses.
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Streamlining every part of your business.

ZZC builds technologies that help people connect, expand their horizons and grow their businesses.


The ultimate product management tool

Automate and simplify product, order and stock management, giving you and your team more time to focus on selling and growing your business.

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Chord Design

Revolutionise your marketing

We help create a customer journey that brings customers through the entire sales process as simply and as efficiently as possible. From initial point of contact to final sale, our marketing can help shape the final sale in every imaginable way.

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The home of furniture data

A system that helps both Suppliers and Retailers do more. Powerful tools that change the way furniture companies work.

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Providing solutions internationally

We go above and beyond, no matter where our customers are

Sustainability & Us

From providing sustainable solutions for our customers, to decreasing our carbon footprint internally, our sustainability drive is stronger than ever.

Find out more about the group, our people and how we aim to change people's everyday.

About Us

Now is an amazing time to join us. See our job openings and find out how you can help us make a difference.


Privacy & Security at our Core

With big data comes big risks. Our privacy and data policies protect our customers and users.

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The ZZC Group was founded from the idea of working together. Modern business requires faster solutions, with experts in every sector to help actively create solutions that look good, work well and make customers happy.

Our group consists of ZIgZag Systems, Chord Design, DataHouse, The Online Furniture Show and many extensions of these systems. You can find out more about each of these in the links above on this page.

Our directors are Peter Holdich, Mike Ogle and David Cobbe. The three directors have worked together for many years, with the ZZC Group being formed in early 2022 to help bring more of their ideas and product together in one place. You can find out more about the direction of the company on the About Us page.

The 'original' companies have come together to create a harmonious process for all customers, helping save time and further improve the offering available utilising both sides of the business to deliver solutions quickly and professionally every time.

Our core values remain the same. To help every customer get the most out of what we do and to help keep things simple and less time consuming for their everyday needs. We love helping people by helping them do less but achieve more.

We don't do products, we offer solutions. That means our team won't push you to have something you don't need or try to bolt on something you just won't use. We're a flexible company that just delivers on what we say. Our UK based team are here to support you every working day, with drop in sessions and workshops to provide you with more information and guidance to get the most out of our tools.

Our key principle is saving you time, which means if you ask for a feature or solution that will help, we will make it our mission to deliver it for you.

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